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Review: Lavender 6 Pack

Lavender 6 Pack ** 2 out 5 stars
The Lavender 6 Pack by Cal Exotics would make a great introductory vibrator kit for those who are just starting to explore the use of toys to enhance their sexual experience. I say would because of the material used for it, but more on that later.
The kit comes with two traditional vibrators and four vibrator sleeves to give a variety of sensations during play. The larger vibrator measures 7 inches of which 6 inches is insertable. The smaller one is 5 1/4 inch with an insertable length of 4 1/2 inches.  The vibrators themselves are smooth and fairly simple to use with a base dial. The larger one uses 2 AA batteries while the smaller uses a single AA battery. They can be a little on the loud side, so they may not be great for those who share a living space. 
The sleeves allow for a mix and match, giving the user a variety options of texture, sensation and insertable length. They were a little difficult to slip onto the vibrator but the problem was solved wit…

Confessions of a Slut :Fumbling First Part One

First Vibrator and other fumbling firsts

Review: Black Magic Pleasure Kit

A Simple Black Magic Pleasure

Boredom, updates and a shopping spree :)

Since things have been pretty quiet around I have actually had some time to sit down and start working on a few product reviews. One of which for the Xtreme Pack G Spot Bulletis already posted. I currently have ones for Icicles No. 38, The Engagement Finger Ring, Fetish Fantasy 8”, The Lavender 6 pack and the Black Magic Pleasure Pack in various stages of writing and/or editing. I hope to have these finished and start posting them as soon as possible. I am currently thinking of a doing a product review a week, but that might change depending up time and feedback from readers.
I also recently went on a little bit of a shopping spree over at Eden Fantasys taking advantage of not only their spring clearance sales but also their 25% off sitewide sale (just use the code MARCH25 at checkout, please site for detail and any restrictions). And I am thrilled to announce that I finally purchased the Ella. I have been wanting this dildo for awhile and I am extremely excited that it shall soon …

Review: Xtreme Pack G Spot Bullet

Xtreme Pack G Spot Bullet "A great G Spot and Clitoral Vibrator"

Sex Toy Storage

Yes I know, many other people have written about the different ways to store sex toys from prying eyes. While most have centered on the purchase of actual storage containers/boxes that are specifically marketed towards the storage of vibrators and dildos, few have taken into account the cost that may associated with.

Review: Glass...Oh how I love thee.

Glass dildos; durable, hypoallergenic, easy to clean and sterilize. Often times they are complete works of art in their beauty and use.  They can be heated up chilled for sensation play.

Beginners Guide : Vibrators

For a blog about the craft of writing this place sure is devoid of actual information on writing. I could easily blame distraction – oh look a shiny object- but that would be only half true. I appear to have this very annoying habit of starting an entry and then either not finishing it or actually forgetting about it as it lingers in a folder and never posting it.
The same pretty much goes for the actual writing of fiction. I just recently found a few short stories that were done with the writing stage and had been patiently waiting to progress on to that dreaded stage of editing and rewrite.
I think a lot of the issue here besides distraction and healthy dose of good old procrastination is that I write using a mixture of old fashion pen and paper, the desk top and my lap top. In turn this results in somethings getting pushed to the side in favor of what ever new project is more readily available at that time. This is something that I recognize as not only a major issue when it c…