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Toynary Toy Drawstring Pouch

If you have sex toys that need stored and are looking for a sack type storage, the Toy Storage Bag from Toynary is a great solution. Extremely affordable, it won't eat into your budget and this quality made pouch can hold a lot. With a total length of 11 inches (roughly about 9 ½ inches when cinched closed) and a width of 7 inches this toy bag can fit a variety of different sized items. If you need a storage bag for some butt plugs, or a rabbit vibrator or a medium to small sized dildo this bag is perfect. You just might want something to store some of your smaller BDSM items like cuffs, chains and rope this bag will be able to accommodate your items and perhaps still have room for a some other toys. Larger toys such as paddles, whips and spreader bars will not fit inside this.

It is made of nylon and both layers are water resistant, per manufacturers claim. The outer part is black and has a silky texture to it while the inner lining is white. The white part means that th…

One Hell of a Ride

This past year has been a wild year. My symptoms progressively got worse as time went on, and after seeking full help for them I walked away with a brand new diagnosis, Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar sub-type. This new diagnosis gave me some insight as to why treatment for Bipolar disorder alone never really worked and why I seemed to suffer from extreme paranoia and mild to moderate delusions outside of mood episodes.
If you are curious as what exactly Schizoaffective is here is a brief description that is provided by Mental Health America Schizoaffective disorder is characterized by persistent symptoms of psychosis resembling schizophrenia with additional periodic symptoms of mood (or affective) disorders. In relation to my illness this means that while I show the extreme mood episodes that are commonly associated with Bipolar I also present with additional symptoms in between these episodes that are closer to schizophrenia.
Right now the medications that are being used, atypical an…