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All reviews contained within this blog of Sex Toys and Web Merchants that I have purchased from are unbiased and have not been influenced by either items received for free or pressure from companies. While I do not endorse any companies I do participate in affiliate programs. I have chosen to do this so as to use any monies made from affiliation to help offset my out of pocket expenses in regards to the purchase of sex toys and related items which I do review. I have chosen do this for numerous reasons, a few of which are as follows.

  1. I had begun to take notice that the majority of bloggers tend to review higher end more expensive items. These toys tend to be in a price range that someone who might just be exploring the purchase of toy may be unwilling to risk spending money on in fear of not actually enjoying that type of toy. Also, many people do not have the extra cash to throw down on these items.
  2. Blogging is something that I do for fun, not as a job or a way to make extra cash. I enjoy sex, masturbation, sex toys and sex related topics and thought it would be fun to share the things that I have learned. So that I can continue to have product reviews I need someway to off set the actual out of pocket expense and thought that affiliate programs would be a great way to help out in that department so as to keep this blog lively and updated.
  3. Being an affiliate in no way effects my reviews of the merchants. While I will not affiliate with any one that I feel is unethical or out to rip off the customers I also will not hesitate to point out any flaws that I may encounter with merchants that I do affiliate with. I would like each and every one of my readers to chose for themselves who they would like to order from, and not feel like that they need to even strictly use the ones I list. Hell if you stumble across one that I may have missed please notify me and I will check them out.
    I also will never give a merchant a bad review merely because they either stopped/changed certain programs and do not give free items away.  All merchant reviews are based upon my actual ordering experience and the manner and time in which my order was shipped and received.  Basing judgment upon a merchant solely because they stop/change a program or do not give reviewers/customers free items is just petty and quite honestly comes across as immature.  
  4. I had also stumbled upon a post from a well known sex toy blogger where she insinuated that she often feel that testing the items is a chore and actually does so even if she is not in the mood. Within many of her reviews it is obvious that her opinion was formed prior to actual use of the toy.  I also noticed that the vast majority of her reviews were negative.  I could not help but wonder if her harsh criticism was influenced by her not actually being into the testing/use of a particular item. So I have made a promise to myself that I will never do that. Each and every product is not tested but instead used in actual real life situations either solo or with my partner.  If I am not in the mood to try out an item at the time, then I won’t.
    Another thing that I encountered was reviewers who admitted that they only doing this for money or worse a reviewer that actually admitted she starts writing up her reviews before she even has the product in hand.  It was not a shock that I found the reviews from these people to not only not be helpful but to also be a tad bit biased towards certain brands. 
  5.  Companies and merchants need not contact me unless I have expressed an interest in a certain item. If it is on my wish list it is there because I truly desire to give it a try. I will also allow suggestions from readers. If you would like to see a toy reviewed that is listed in my Toy Chest please feel free to ask me to do so.  Also feel free to send links to merchants as I am always in the market to browse.
  6. My writing tends be sporadic as I do actually have a life off line. That said I will attempt to do updates in a timely manner. Right now I am hoping to schedule that would allow for me to have between three and five posts a week.
  7. I will not tolerate abusive language or immature behavior. If you disagree with something that I have said that is perfectly fine and I encourage you to tell me why in a comment. All I ask is that you do so while keeping in mind that you are an adult and should therefore conduct yourself like one.


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