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The Art Of Fucking: Anal Sex

Anal Sex

Rant: Oh the Shame!

Oh The Shame!
There are few things that annoy more than reading either a sex toy review or adult themed blog and encountering certain words. While I understand the writers desire to not alienate readers at the very least they could stick to proper terms for anatomy then. For me it comes across as highly immature when reading a review of a vibrator or cock ring. Hell I have even encountered a few writers who employ the use of cutesie terms and/or euphemisms for sex acts. If as a sex writer/sex toy reviewer you find yourself shying away from using even proper words such as vagina, penis, testicles, clitoris and nipples then you should really take a step back and rethink the whole writing thing.

Confessions of a Slut: Fuck Me...

Fuck Me.....
With a dildo