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I am asking that my readers have patience. In the near future this blog will be active once again. My mental illness has taken a lot out of me as has the treatment. I have multiple reviews in various stages of writing and editing and even a few articles. At this time I have been more focused on my other blog Of Melancholia, Mania and Psychosis.

Review - Toy cases from Liberator

A little over a year and a half ago I went on a little spending spree over at Liberator. Due to events that were out of my control I never got around to reviewing any of the items that I bought. I figured better late then never.  If my memory is correct I purchased multiple items including storage bags, a dildo and the Bon Bon. 
Of the two storage bags that I purchased Sadly one of them in no longer available on Liberators site but I am still including the review in case it ever comes back in stock. Vespa and Hexi are part of the Couture Cases that are put out by Liberator. I was pretty excited when I first saw them, and quite honestly wished that I could afford the whole line. They are the perfect storage solution. Like Dante both Vespa and Hexi are made of denim and twill. The denim is black in color while the twill part comes in different colors.

The Vespa's measurements are 10.5 inches x 9 inches. This size allows for ample storage and it easily holds all my anal plugs w…