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I am asking that my readers have patience. In the near future this blog will be active once again. My mental illness has taken a lot out of me as has the treatment. I have multiple reviews in various stages of writing and editing and even a few articles. At this time I have been more focused on my other blog Of Melancholia, Mania and Psychosis.


  1. I don't know your problems but my question to you is have you had you thyroid levels checked? Mine got off badly and I thought I was going crazy. I've heard other people say they checked into a mental hospital for help and later finding out their thyroid was causing it all.

    1. Yes my thyroid was checked. I have had a battery of medical tests to rule out any possible medical causes for my symptoms. I am thankful in the fact that not only my medical Dr but also my PDoc wanted to make sure there was no physical cause before handing down a serious mental illness diagnosis and starting me on medication.

      That is also one of the things that I always ask a person when they say that they were diagnosed with Bipolar. Thyroid issues can really mirror Bipolar disorder. The other one I say is get your B12 levels checked. Low B12 levels can lead to depression like symptoms.

      The side effects of the medications used to treat mental illness can be so nasty and lead to new problems that it is always smart to get fully checked out first.


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