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Masturbation - comments that blew my mind

I am a very open person and quite often have found myself having conversations with others that have related to sex and masturbation. One thing that I have always been amused with were peoples reactions and ignorant and sometimes mind blowing comments concerning masturbation. One would think that in this day and age something as simple as the topic or act itself of self pleasure would not be so taboo.

From the general "Oh that is just gross, I would never touch myself." to the more extreme "That is considered cheating so I could never do that." I have heard it all.

The common thread here is that the women I have heard say these comments have also stated that they are unsatisfied with their sex lives. To them sex is a chore, something done to keep a relationship going, or even to get one started.  Their view on masturbation is tainted by social and religious biases in regards to human pleasure.  They see the simple act of self pleasure as dirty and unnatural while …

Adam&Eve Big O Kit of Disappointment

Adam and Eve Big O Kit
I had been seeing the promotion circulating for some time now. One simply had to enter the code DOLL and they received 50% off a single item in their cart, free shipping and also received a free Big O kit. After doing a little digging-not that much mind you- I couldn't find out any details as to what this mystery Big O kit actually contained. I figured that since I was doing an order anyways what the hell it's free. So I clicked the little box's that said send me my free kit which is valued at $29.95 and my other free mystery gift valued at $9.95.

Masturbation Facts

Taken from Planned Parenthood website. Go on over there to read all them! Masturbation releases stress and physical tension. Many people masturbate to relax, and it can help some people fall asleep. Orgasms — whether they're from masturbation or sex with a partner — can act as a natural painkiller. Some women masturbate to relieve menstrual cramps. Research has also shown that orgasms may even prevent endometriosis, a disease of the uterine lining. One study found that frequent ejaculation from masturbating may reduce a man's chances of developing prostate cancer.solo sex is the ultimate form of safer sex — there is no risk of pregnancy or infection.The myth is that masturbation ruins how other kinds of sex feel. This is not true. The truth is that masturbation can help other kinds of sex feel better, not worse. It’s about discovering what kinds of touching and sensations work for you, and it's a way to learn to have orgasms. Most people who reach orgasm with a partner have…

Better late than never....

As I stated in yesterdays half assed post, I am tad bit behind on writing here due to the fact that earlier in the week I had a headache.  That said I recently placed order at both Adam&Eve and EdenFantasys.
Adam&Eve order:
Price1Booty Call Booty Teaser
$10.951Naughty Silicone Butt Plug - 
$14.951Booty Call Booty Beads
$13.951Silicone Prostate Probe
$9.981A&E Couple''s Orgasm Kit - Free Gift
$0.001Big O Kit - Free Gift
$0.001Mystery Gift - Free Gift
Order total came to $49.83 which I guess isn't too bad considering that one of the items I got for 50% off plus I got free shipping on the entire order.  am kind of curious as to what this Big O Kit is that is included for free. (I used code DOLL to get that plus the 50% off item and free shipping)  I'll have to post what  it is when it arrives, which should be early next week.

My Eden Order is a little larger...

Nubby G wand$29.99Royal duet$29.99DEAL: Mother's Day Promo: Buy 1 toy get 1 FREE$59.98$29.991…

Sitting, waiting, or is it procrastinating?

So I am sitting here, four separate tabs open. One for drafting this entry and the the other three are "toy" sites. Between the three I have over $200 worth of items in shopping carts and I am really torn on hitting the checkout button. Three different times mind you.

While I wouldn't mind expanding my collection, and two of my purchases make me qualify for free gifts, I am trying to make up my mind as to if I actually need everything that is in the carts  :)

Lets see...
Adam&Eve = $45.33 but I will be receiving free gifts worth $64.85 (6 (1 free) items plus two free gift sets)
EdenFantasy = $68.47 with a total savings of $69.49 but after point redemption and using my comm. I will only pay $14 (5 items)
PinkCherry = $60.86 or $51.73 after use of promo code. (total of 9 items)

So all told that would be roughly 22 "toys" for a total of $111.06. Hmmmm that is actually not really that bad of a deal.

That said, posts might be a little sparse this week due to me having…