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Sitting, waiting, or is it procrastinating?

So I am sitting here, four separate tabs open. One for drafting this entry and the the other three are "toy" sites. Between the three I have over $200 worth of items in shopping carts and I am really torn on hitting the checkout button. Three different times mind you.

While I wouldn't mind expanding my collection, and two of my purchases make me qualify for free gifts, I am trying to make up my mind as to if I actually need everything that is in the carts  :)

Lets see...
Adam&Eve = $45.33 but I will be receiving free gifts worth $64.85 (6 (1 free) items plus two free gift sets)
EdenFantasy$68.47 with a total savings of $69.49 but after point redemption and using my comm. I will only pay $14 (5 items)
PinkCherry = $60.86 or $51.73 after use of promo code. (total of 9 items)

So all told that would be roughly 22 "toys" for a total of $111.06. Hmmmm that is actually not really that bad of a deal.

That said, posts might be a little sparse this week due to me having a massive headache on Monday and Tuesday which resulted in me really not getting that much time to actually write anything up.  


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