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Review: Eden Fantasys

Eden Fantasys: Sex Shop I trust.*****It is no secret that I have adult toys. And a lot of them at that. The question I am often asked by others is where is a good place for them to purchase toys. In the past I usually recommended finding a store that was local for them to visit and browsing through the selection that they had to offer until they found something that caught their fancy. I never really took into account that some people unlike myself might be embarrassed to walk up to a counter and have a another person ring up their purchase of a vibrator or other sex toy.

Well enter Eden Fantasys.

I am honestly not really sure how I first encountered this company. It could have been either word of mouth or via a web search, but all that really matters is that I found it. And I have been quite a happy girl since that day! ;)

I have used other companies in the past, and most of my complaints were either centered around ease of navigation of their site, toy selection, information prese…

Guess what?

Shh, I have been a very naughty girl. I couldn't help myself. Less than two weeks after placing an order to add some items to my toy chest I have placed another. Granted both orders were heavily influenced by the fact that some of the items on my wish list went on sale. But shh..the toy collection is growing.

New additions that I am eagerly waiting for.
Deep water G - EdenFantasys
Fetish Fantasy Elite 8" dildo -- EdenFantasys
Amethyst - G-spot dildos - EdenFantasys
Xtreme pack g-spot bullet - Bullet and egg vibrators
Eden toy and body wipes - Toy cleaners and wipes - EdenFantasys
Diamond Spot vibrator - G-spot vibrators - EdenFantasys

Eventually I am going to stop with the procrastination and actually get around to reviewing some of the toys I have. Also I have few entries in the works that amazingly enough are actually related to writing.


Adam & EveAt one time this was my go to company when I felt like expanding my toy collection. Over time this has slowly changed. While they are still the most widely recognized sex toy company their quality and customer service sadly have gone down over the years. Their site is easy to navigate and neatly arranged so that buyers can easily find products that they are looking for. They offer free shipping on orders that are $69 or more(Just remember to enter code 69SHIP), and any order over $17 is eligible to receive a free gift. The free item is either a mystery DVD or sex toy. Their shipping is discrete as stated on their website, your order will either arrive in a plain envelope or simple brown box.
Front of evelope. Back of envelope.Before sending others to their site I always warn them of a few things. While they may carry a wide variety of sexual toys and are name that many people recognize there are some major drawbacks to ordering from them.

First off their order pro…
Found this and loved it. Very fucking true.

I have a few entries in the works, but seeing as I work the next three days I may not be able to post them until early next week. :(

Porn and Masturbation discussion continued...

Part two is what I hope will become a series on having a healthy sex life.

After I made that I post I did a little more thinking about the topic. I seriously know a person who has managed to collect a few boyfriends that honestly held the belief that her watching porn or masturbating would constitute cheating.
Like I said before that kind of conclusion baffles me. I know that these guys indulge in a little of the self love when they alone. Yet the very idea that the girl they are with doing the same disgusts them, threatens their manhood. They so insecure that an orgasm not brought about from them is defined as cheating. I am not sure if I should laugh or just feel pity. My own experiences are so far removed from hers that I am left dumbfounded.
I acquired my first sex toys when I was a few months shy of 16. I was a virgin and dating young man of 16 who had experience and wanted to make sure that I was comfortable not only with myself but with sex in general before he slept me. He…

Reflections on the Past

Looking back I think that in some regards my decision to walk out my of parents house was an easy one to make. True it can be said that there was little thought given to the fact that I was now to be without with shelter and income, that soon even the basic needs in a persons every day life would become a luxury that I would often find myself doing without. Food, clean clothes, shower, the feeling of being safe. None of these were in mind when I got into the car with no more then a black backpack holding what few belongings I could carry.
I was young, rash and tired of being treated as if I were lower then others. I was fed up with judgmental attitude of my mother. The one that told me daily that I was never good enough. That I never would be. I was not what she and my father had hoped for in a daughter. For years prior they had shuttled me from Psychiatrist to Psychiatrist until they found one that would tell them exactly what they wanted to hear. My own thoughts and feelings now go…

Porn. Masturbation

Yes I spoke wrote the four letter word.. PORN and the dreaded twelve letter one MASTURBATION.

Most people have watched/looked at porn and nearly every one has done the other.  Men utter those words easily, pridefully boasting about either or both.  While women speak them in hushed tones if ever at all.

My question is this, why are those words so taboo coming from the lips of a female. Is it really that much of shock for others(mainly men) to find out that their female counterparts can find enjoyment in either of those actions?

I am humored by the men who are threatened by them.  Is their self esteem that low that they fear their girlfriend will be stolen away by video images of sex or toys that vibrate and/or insert?  I have heard females state that if they used a vibrator, dildo, fingers etc to get themselves off that their boyfriend or husband would consider that cheating.

Really guys.

I am not so naive as to believe that you have never watched a porn with your dick in your hand. Are …

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Many years ago I stumbled upon this site. A weird yet refreshing mixture of horror, true crime and general asshattery (in a good way). Over the years writers have come and gone but the site still remains one of my favorite. Make no mistake, it is not for the faint of heart. The crimes they cover are very real and often times very horrific. I applaud its creator Mobid and the other writers for not watering it down, while many times showing a respect for the victims of crime.
The front page is reserved mostly for crimes but an occasional review books or movies may pop enough. There is also a forum, where more crimes are posted as well varies other topics that range from general news, to debates to strange news.
Honestly, I do this site no justice. So, if you have guts and love true crime, or just making fun of stupid criminals go check them out.. A fair word of warning, not all articles are safe for for viewing at work.
The Dreamin Demon