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Product Review: Fetish Fantasy Elite 8

Spring cleaning

A quick glance over at my other blog will tell you that I am currently in the midst of Spring Cleaning my house.  That joyous time when I go through all my belongings donating, trashing what I no longer need or is broken. Scrubbing each and every square inch of every room. Reminding myself that storage containers and house hold supplies need to be bought.  This time around I have a new project, one that is not listed over at my other blog because of its adult nature.

I plan on better organizing and storing my toy collection.  I will more than likely keep the current containers that I have, but I am attempting to come up with a better manner of storing them. The dresser drawer is not only getting old, but is also seems to shrinking as my collection grows. Considering my current wish lists and the fact that I shall be placing an order rather soon I need to come up with a better solution.

Any suggestions?

Also new photos of my collection are coming soon!

Updates of sorts

So, I was sitting here thinking that perhaps I should follow a regular blogging schedule. Since this thought is really just in its infancy I really have no idea as to what I will be doing. At this moment I was thinking of perhaps shaking things up by having alternating posts that involve a mixture of sex toy reviews, articles about general sex and sexuality, perhaps with a dash of erotica now and again. We'll see how this goes as I am a rather busy person and have a tendency to be lag with posts (I currently have seven posts that are still in draft form awaiting editing.)

Current Sales:Eden Fantasys

Here is just a sample of some of the current sales over at EdenFantasys.  For more sales and promos go check them out. 

Review: Engagement finger ring

Engagement Finger Ring **** 4 out of 5 Stars
Small, sleek and packing a nice punch the Engagement Finger Ring bullet vibe by Evolved Novelties was a pleasant addition to my ever growing toy box. Made of plastic and  very discreet with a length of 2 1/2 inches and a circumference of about the same it is easy to store and keep from prying eyes. But don't let the small size fool you, this little guy does its job and does it well. With multiple vibration and pulsating action delivered right to the clit.

The Engagement Finger Ring makes a great vibrator for either foreplay, enhancing oral sex or just for plain old solo play.  This bullet was also surprisingly not that loud, making it great for those who share living space with others.  Some who are not as sensitive and enjoy intense vibrations may have issue with it, but I myself found it to be just the right amount needed to get me off and quickly I might add. It does run on 3 watch batteries which can be a little bothersome to find in st…

More on EdenFantasys

Eden Fantasys: Sex Shop I trust.
EdenFantasys is much more than a site that simply sells adult oriented items. The overall experience of the site is what truly sets them apart from competitors. Just glancing over the product details and reviews gives a person a better sense of what they may and may not like about a toy or article clothing. User uploaded photos of products lets you actually get a better idea as to size, shape and material before purchasing. It is also a bonus that you can actually ask reviewers questions about the product to better help you with your decision to purchase or not.
Another thing that sets them apart is their sales and promotions. One such promotion is their Edens Friends promotion that utilizes Facebook likes that lead to savings on selected products.

Other current sales include their current Spring Clearance sale, where you can save up to 70% on certain products.
Another great perk of their site is their point system. A simple explanation is that you ear…