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The Art of Fucking: Manual Intercourse

Manual Intercourse

Company Review: PinkCherry (US site only)

This review is long over due. .
I first heard of  from a friend. His ex girlfriend had made a few purchases from them and was satisfied which was enough for me to give them a shot.
PinkCherry is a Canadian based company, offering both a Canadian and a US site. While it seems as if it is shipped from Canada they actually offer free shipping on orders over $49 for the US which was a very nice surprise. 
Their website was very easy to navigate around and I rather enjoyed that I was not only able to search by product type but also by manufacturer. There doesn't seem to be a lot of product reviews there, but the ones that I did encounter were fairly well written and informative. Ordering was simple, what wasn't simple was picking items. They have a nice stock and great prices which made choosing a little harder than usual, but that is not actually a bad thing.
Shipping was fast, if I recall I received my package within two days of placing my order. It was al…