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Sex Toy Storage

Yes I know, many other people have written about the different ways to store sex toys from prying eyes. While most have centered on the purchase of actual storage containers/boxes that are specifically marketed towards the storage of vibrators and dildos, few have taken into account the cost that may associated with.

Given my growing collection it would be safe to estimate that I would need to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 (if not more) for these storage units. That is at the very least a $100 that could have been better spent on other things -like expanding my collection :) - Instead after some consideration I chose to go old school, utilizing an empty dresser drawer and using makeup bags to help organize my collection.
At this time I do have a picture of my collection all snug in the drawer but I do have a picture of the various cases.

large plaid make-up case
(everything is packed separetely)
Sleeves for the Lavender 6 pak 
Toy Cleaner
Velvet storage bags x 3
Clear make-up bag
2 bullets I received free from A&E
Ben Wa Balls
Other odds and ends.
Smaller plaid make-up case
Medium sized black make-up case
2 vibrators that came with the Lavender 6 pak 
Smaller black make-up case
Colt throbber 
Black magic ribbed vibe 
Metallic Massager
Larger Black Make-up case
W/p finger fun pink 
Engagement finger ring 
Power probe missile
Fetish Fantasy Elite 8" dildo
Xtreme pack g-spot bullet 
Diamond Spot vibrator

What I do is when ever I am out shopping I always check out the make-up cases to see if there is not only any good deals on them but also if there are any that I might be able to utilize.  If the answer is a yes on both then I toss them into the shopping cart.  

Other things that can be repurposed for organizing and storage are carry on hygiene bags, suitcases that be modified into having different compartments and storage containers.  If like me you are hesitant to use plastic bags to individually store your toys in and might not have the cash to purchase individual sacks to use you can easily and cheaply make your own if you have access to a sewing machine(or know someone that does). Storage sacks can also be made from pillow cases, although  I have found that simplest method of storage for my silicone toys is to just wrap them in a lint free cloth. The wiping cloths that are used for windows and electronics are great for this as they are pretty much lint free(so long as they are chemical free also). 

Another good way to keep toys separate or can be used for just organizing lingerie, fetish clothing or "costumes" are the mesh laundry lingerie bags. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and easy keep things together while also allowing you to see what exactly is there. I have also heard of people hitting up art and craft stores and buying the canvas or mesh sacks that are sold for keeping art and sewing supplies in.

Now if you have the time, ability and access to supplies to do the following here are some really great suggestions from a few of my friends who were a little more creative than me in their storage. 

1. If you happen to have more than one closet in your bedroom why not turn the one into a storage room for your toys.  A closet can easily be fitted with shelves and hooks to organize and store toys and equipment so that they are easy to retrieve for use. This method either utilizes a premade closet organizing shelving system or a custom make one yourself.  Toys can then be placed in plastic storage containers that are labeled and stored on the shelves.  Works great for BDSM equipment as hooks can placed on the inner side of the door to hang whips, paddles, restraints and rope.  

2. If your bedroom has the room for an extra dresser pick up an old solid wood one at either a thrift store, Craigs list, or over at free cycle. Modify the dresser by adding wooden dividers into the drawers. Toys can be either stored in their original packaging, plastic baggies, cloth bags or even small plastic totes if the depth of the drawers allow for it.  A bonus on this one is if you are crafty enough you can easily line each drawer with fabric for not only padding for delicate toys but also for nice looking toy storage.
Smaller collections may only need a single drawer or nightstand size dresser. The reason for a solid wood one is that it can be sanded and stained to match the ones that you currently own. 

3. Old wooden trunks can easily be used for storing your collection. The only negative side is that you will need to actually store the items in totes in order to stack them inside. This is a great method of storage if you are afraid that someone might stumble upon your collection as a lock can easily be installed on the trunk. 

4. Under bed storage can be achieved via either plastic storage totes or custom made wooden ones with small wheels added to aid in easy access. Wooden ones can also further be made custom with the simple addition of dividers. Store toys in another container or bags/pouches so as to help keep dust and/or pet fur off them.

Make under bed storage drawers

I am pretty sure that if you were to look around that other creative possibilities are out there. If you happen to have any to add please feel free to post your ideas here. I would love to hear what you have to add to this.


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