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Masturbation - comments that blew my mind

I am a very open person and quite often have found myself having conversations with others that have related to sex and masturbation. One thing that I have always been amused with were peoples reactions and ignorant and sometimes mind blowing comments concerning masturbation. One would think that in this day and age something as simple as the topic or act itself of self pleasure would not be so taboo.

From the general "Oh that is just gross, I would never touch myself." to the more extreme "That is considered cheating so I could never do that." I have heard it all.

The common thread here is that the women I have heard say these comments have also stated that they are unsatisfied with their sex lives. To them sex is a chore, something done to keep a relationship going, or even to get one started.  Their view on masturbation is tainted by social and religious biases in regards to human pleasure.  They see the simple act of self pleasure as dirty and unnatural while all the while complaining that they are sexually unsatisfied and frustrated with bedroom activities with their partners.

Masturbation is defined as the sexual stimulation of one's own genitals, usually to the point of orgasm. Masturbation can be performed in a variety of ways: hands, fingers, use sex toys or other aids to help achieve pleasure. Masturbation helps us know what types of touches we like, and where we like them. This is turn can be communicated to our partners.

Mutual Masturbation is masturbation with a partner. The masturbation can either be self pleasure in front of another or each pleasuring the other through manual stimulation. Mutual Masturbation can be a great substitute for penetrative sex and is sometimes used by sexual partners as a way to explore and learn about what pleases their partner. It can be done either as foreplay or be considered just another expression of sex.
Some of my greatest sexual experiences involved mutual masturbation, including one where the orgasm was so intense that I thought my knees were going to buckle and send me tumbling to the floor of the shower.


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