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One Hell of a Ride

This past year has been a wild year. My symptoms progressively got worse as time went on, and after seeking full help for them I walked away with a brand new diagnosis, Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar sub-type. This new diagnosis gave me some insight as to why treatment for Bipolar disorder alone never really worked and why I seemed to suffer from extreme paranoia and mild to moderate delusions outside of mood episodes.

If you are curious as what exactly Schizoaffective is here is a brief description that is provided by Mental Health America Schizoaffective disorder is characterized by persistent symptoms of psychosis resembling schizophrenia with additional periodic symptoms of mood (or affective) disordersIn relation to my illness this means that while I show the extreme mood episodes that are commonly associated with Bipolar I also present with additional symptoms in between these episodes that are closer to schizophrenia.

Right now the medications that are being used, atypical antipsychotics are pretty much sapping my sex drive. I am going to attempt to get this blog active again. It might take some time and posting may be sporadic but I will be doing my best.

If you are interested I have started a blog that deals with my mental illness, Of Melancholia, Mania and Psychosis. I will be covering not only my mental illness but also tips on how to live with it and decrease symptoms. Some of these entries might even cross posted to here, but for the most part the two blogs will remain separated for the time being. 


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