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 For a blog about the craft of writing this place sure is devoid of actual information on writing. I could easily blame distraction – oh look a shiny object- but that would be only half true. I appear to have this very annoying habit of starting an entry and then either not finishing it or actually forgetting about it as it lingers in a folder and never posting it.

The same pretty much goes for the actual writing of fiction. I just recently found a few short stories that were done with the writing stage and had been patiently waiting to progress on to that dreaded stage of editing and rewrite.

I think a lot of the issue here besides distraction and healthy dose of good old procrastination is that I write using a mixture of old fashion pen and paper, the desk top and my lap top. In turn this results in somethings getting pushed to the side in favor of what ever new project is more readily available at that time. This is something that I recognize as not only a major issue when it comes to not only finishing a project but also use of my creative time.

This is also something that I plan on working on to resolve. I already dedicate enough of my free time to writing that it is time that I actually use that time more efficiently rather than wasting much of it trying to track down either an outline for a story or research notes. I think that I will be including a full clean up and organization of all of my writing material and folders to my spring cleaning list. I will also be doing an exact inventory so that I know which works still need to be finished or placed into the editing folder. I am really hoping that this will correct some of the issues with writing.

The issue with procrastination is something else that I will be working one. Work on and sticking with an actual schedule will also be a priority here.   


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