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Review: Black Magic Pleasure Kit

A Simple Black Magic Pleasure

The Black Magic Pleasure kit The Black Magic Pleasure kit from Doc Johnson has a little bit something for everyone. This kit comes with three different vibrators: A traditional vibe, bullet and pocket rocket. It also includes a 1 ounce bottle of water based Black Magic lube.


All three vibrators are made of Black ABS Plastic and are smooth with almost a velvety like texture. I would describe the finish as not shiny but rather more like a matte in appearance and feel. There is absolutely no plastic smell or taste that I could detect.

The safety rating on ABS Plastic is 8 and although it is non porous it can not be sterilized. It can be used with water based, oil and silicone lubricants.  

Design and Use

Black Magic Traditional Vibrator
Length:7 inches
Insertable Length:6 inches
Circumference: 3 1/4 inches
Batteries: 2 AA

The traditional vibrator is water proof with 7 inches in length or which about 6 inches are insertable. It's circumference is 3 ¼ inches making this a great toy for either insertion or clitoral play. The velvet-texture of the ABS Plastic allows for easy insertion and I did not notice much drag. It also works great for direct clitoral stimulation since there was little friction once lubrication was added.

It has multiple vibration speeds that are easily controlled by a dial at its base. It might be a little tricky for some to turn it one handed during play time. It takes two AA batteries which are inserted into a removable battery sleeve for easy insertion and removal.

Over all the traditional vibrator served its actual intended function and was not as loud as others I have used. 

Black Magic Bullet
Material: Plastic
Length:about 2 3/4 inches (bullet only)
Circumference:about 2 1/2 inches
Batteries:2 AAA

I am not a huge fan of bullets but this one took me by surprise. It was quiet, small and with enough vibrations to work nicely, but not too much like a few other bullets I have tried. Like the traditional vibrator the material is the same smooth and velvety. The controls were pretty simple and it was easy to turn on and off. As you can see by the above picture the control is button operated. It takes 2 AAA batteries. The battery compartment gave me some issues and although inserting them was easy the removal of the batteries was difficult.

The Black Magic Pocket Rocket
Batteries:1 AA

The pocket rocket is pretty much a standard one. It measures in at 4 inches and is pretty much meant for external use only. Besides use for clitoral stimulation it can be used on pretty much any area of skin that you desire. Like the other two vibrators in this kit it is much quieter than others I have. The major drawback is that it doesn't come with different caps to switch out like some of the other pocket rockets that I own. Instead it comes with a nubbed cap. It uses a single AA battery and the battery compartment can be a little difficult sometimes; a few times I had it nearly come open during play so make sure that it is screwed tightly closed before using.

Cleaning and Storage Tips

Cleaning can be done with either warm water and an antibacterial soap, special cleaners designed for sex toys or by wiping down with isopropyl alcohol. Make sure that all batteries are removed and the toys are dry before storing them in a cool dry place. Storage should also not be within direct exposure of sun light as the heat generated can damage the vibrators.

Other Tips

The vibrators can be used in a variety of ways. The most obvious use would be as either for clitoral stimulation either during sex or solo, or for internal stimulation. I found that all three of these vibrators could also be used for teasing, nipple stimulation and also gliding along the skin for external stimulation or even for a light muscle massage to help relieve stress.

This kit is also a great purchase for someone who might be considering buying a vibrator but unsure as to what kind that they may enjoy. Its low cost, fairly good quality and the fact that three different types of vibrators are included make it a low risk investment in my opinion.


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