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Beginners Guide : Vibrators


I was a teenager when I got my first vibrator. It was a gift from a boyfriend, and while I was new to sexual exploration with a partner, masturbation was something that I was quite acquainted with by then. I recall being intimidated by the mythical battery operated item but once I used it that awkwardness melted away as its steady pulsing vibrations brought me to orgasm.

From talking with friends over the years there seems to be this pervasive fear that use of a vibrator to achieve sexual gratification is somehow abnormal or that using one might lead to sexual problems later in life. Neither are true. Roughly half of all adults in the United States have reported using a vibrator. And there has been no link found between masturbation with or without sex toys and sexual dysfunction later in life. In fact use of vibrators and other sexual toys have been shown to improve ones sexual experiences rather than take away it from it.

Another myth that I have encountered time and time again is that if one uses a vibrator they will depend less and less on their partner for sexual gratification and that the vibrator itself will eventually replace the male in the bedroom. Both of these are false, for while a vibrator can be used solo for masturbation it can also be just as easily enjoyed by couples, enhancing the sexual activities in the bedroom or even as foreplay to tease and heighten arousal. Studies have shown that incorporating a vibrator into sex can lead to achievement of easier orgasms, greater sexual gratification and have concluded that their use is a positive and healthy sexual experience.

There are some things to consider before making the leap and purchasing one. The most important of which is type of stimulation. Clitoral. G Spot. Traditional. Rabbit. Bullet. Egg. Anal. Pocket Rocket. Double Penetration. Finger. Strap on vibrators. These are just a few of the terms that one will encounter as they begin to search for a vibrator. While some of these terms are easily recognized, others may not be. All vibrators are not equal and some even have specific purposes.

Clitoral:As the name implies the primary function of these vibrators is for clitoral stimulation. Some are simply held in either the palm or hand while others can slipped over a finger (finger vibrator). These can used solo or slipped between partners to add extra sensation to the clitoris during sexual intercourse. Interesting fact: Nearly 70% of females report needing clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.A few good examples of these are Waterproof pixies glider, Dr. Laura Berman Pomona and Wittle wabbit tickler.

G Spot:These vibrators can be inserted into the vagina and have a curved top so that they stimulate the G Spot. Orgasms resulting from stimulation of the G Spot have been linked to what is called female ejaculation or squirting. G- Spot vibrators can also be used by men to aid in prostate stimulation. Some examples are Diamond Spot vibrator , Bgee and Lia G bliss vibe .

Traditional:Simple and easy to use it is not that uncommon for a persons first vibrator to be of this type. They are shaped with a straight shaft, although some have ridges or bumps if you will and are what most peoples mind conjures up when they think about vibrators. They come is all sizes and colors and can be used for straightforward stimulation of the clitoris or penetrative stimulation of either vagina or anus. Although please make sure that it has a flared based before engaging anal play with one. Examples are Black magic vibrator , Classic chic vibe and Dr. Laura Berman Siena

Bullets and eggs: These vibrators are often smaller than others and can be used either on the clitoris or even inserted into the vagina. Their small size makes them discreet and travel ready with many of the able to be tucked away inside a purse. They make an excellent vibrator for a first time buyer because of their ease of use, discreetness and they are often times affordable with any budget.A few good examples are Xtreme pack g-spot bullet , Engagement finger ring, iTap egg and Harmony yin 

Anal Vibrators: These ones are specially designed for anal use as often times are designed with a flared base so that they can not get “stuck” inside you.

Pocket Rockets: These can have multiple uses. Stimulation of clit, nipples or just general stimulation to those special spots. They often times come with changeable tips to provide different sensations. Like bullets these are smaller and often easily tucked away inside a purse or over night bag.  Black magic pocket rocket , iKit 

Rabbits: Designed to provide stimulation of both vagina and clitoris at the same time. Think or it as a vibrating dildo. The dildo part in inserted into the vagina while they have a protruding area near the base of the shaft to direct vibrations on the clit. Here are some very good examples of them Rabbit vibrators – Jack rabbit toys and rabbit pearl vibrators.

Double Penetration: As the name implies there are designed for simultaneous penetration of vagina and anus. Double penetration vibrators – Sex toys for anal and vaginal pleasure

Finger vibrators: Vibrators that are worn on the finger and used primarily for clitoral stimulation. These are great for use during sexual intercourse with a partner or during solo play with a dildo for added stimulation. These are by far the simplest to use in my opinion and another one that I recommend for first time users. Finger vibrators

Strap On: These can either worn as panties or within a harness that brings the vibrator in direct contact with the clitoris. They can be difficult to use as they move from position easily are many that I have tried were on the weak end when it came down to it. Strap-on vibrators sometimes also called butterfly vibrators.

Magic Wands/Body Massagers: Electric vibrators that often extremely powerful and not something that I would recommend for a first time user. Although they do make for some good massages to work out muscle kinks that may have resulted from strenuous BDSM play.

Other things that should be considered are discreetness, if you are planning on using the toy in the shower whether it is water proof, material (no two materials are the same) and affordability. Don't feel as if you have to own one expensive designer vibrator, I have found over years of exploration that more often than not the ones that cost far less work pretty much the same when it comes down to it.

For more information and examples of the above and others that I may have forgotten please follow this link Shop Vibrators at Your Complete Guide to Pleasure


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