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Confessions of a Slut :Fumbling First Part One

First Vibrator and other fumbling firsts

My first vibrator was one that was purchased by a boyfriend as a gift. He hurriedly gave it to me with a faint blush as he explained to me that he thought that I should experiment with it so that I could learn more about my own sexual desires and needs before we slept together. I think that I was more red faced than he was, but that mainly because of the fact that he was actually encouraging me who was still a virgin to masturbate and report back to him with the results at some point in the future. That and he had actually admitted that he was thinking of sleeping with me. After much stuttering I excepted his gift, (along with the small dildo that was also included in the box).

The vibrator that he had given me wasn't fancy it was just a simple traditional one, smaller than average but still of a good size. It stayed hidden in the back of a dresser drawer for a few days while I tried to work up the courage to give it a try. I would occasionally pull it out and look at it. Afraid. Embarrassed. Curious. Sure I had masturbated before then, but this was a sex toy. Something that its specific function was to bring about an orgasm. He was patient and never really pressed the topic when we were together or talking on the phone, except to reassure me that it was not unnatural to masturbate and that he himself jerked off quite often. Oh and he might have stated that the idea of me coming while using the toy was his new sexual fantasy.

Long story short, I gave it try. The first time was awkward to say the least. I honestly felt a little silly at the thought of using a sex toy to bring about an orgasm. After exploring a little more of the toys functions those thoughts faded and quickly turned more to curiosity. What would it feel like if I increased the vibrations. Would I enjoy it if I stuck just the tip in me (I still had hymen and was afraid of tearing it lol). What if I rubbed it against my clit. As I stated, I had masturbated before but only with fingers so the experience was new, the sensations so different that combined with the vivid imagines that my mind was conjuring of him fucking me- I am an artist after all- I came hard, stiflingly my screams by biting a pillow.

Needless to say my embarrassment kept me quiet about my little play time at first, it wasn't until a makeout session a few weeks later that led to clothes being shed for the first time that I confessed my own solo activities to him. He was intrigued and turned on enough to begin relating his own recent masturbation story as he helped guide my hand his erection as his other hand dipped down to between my own legs.

He was a lot more experienced than me and it showed as he quickly brought me off with only his fingers, whispering softly as he gently instructed me on how to do the same for him. Awkward, fumbling, and not really sure if I was doing it right I somehow survived giving my very first hand job. I even managed, despite earlier misgivings not to gag when he finished, his semen ending up on my hand and thigh.

We had a few more heated mutual sessions before he delicately asked me if I would like experience oral sex. I must admit that the thought of either of us performing that on the other made me a little self conscience and maybe even a little nauseated. As in you want me to put that in my mouth? You piss from there. Which I actually voiced aloud much to his amusement. I remember him snickering as his tongue trailed downward along my abdomen, his hands parting my thighs so that he could settle between them. I swear he flashed a wicked grin before dipping his head down and teasing my labia with light passes of his tongue before really getting to work and bringing me to what would be the first of multiple orgasms that night as he ate me out. I wouldn't return the favor that night, instead opting to use my hand on him. He ejaculated on my stomach and after running a finger through it brought it to my lips, asking me to try it. I was hesitant, and no doubt burning bright red as I licked his finger clean. I recall the taste was odd but not wholly unpleasant, but that was something that I choose to keep to myself.

It wasn't too long after that night that I decided to timidly return the favor. I voiced a fear of being bad at it, to which he responded that there is no such thing as bad head; unless I bit him that is. We were both already naked so he suggested fooling around a little to settle my nerves. My first attempt at a blow job was traumatic to say the least. No I didn't gag, nor did I accidentally bite his dick. Nope, that would have caused perhaps only a mild embarrassment and massive amounts of stuttered apologies on my part.

See I here is where I should warn you, dear readers, of the simple fact that I am known for my poor luck. If it can go wrong, then there is a very good chance that it will.

So what was the traumatic event that occurred you are wondering. Well, while he was laying on his back naked with me bent over him just as equally naked as I sucked him off his older brother barged into his bedroom. Yeah, we forgot to lock the bedroom door so his older brother not only got an eyeful of my naked ass but also saw that I had his brothers cock in my mouth. I didn't get a chance to finish him off, my mortification causing me to hurriedly dress and make a hasty exit that night. Red faced as all hell as I ran past his brother in the living room.

Sadly that would not be the only time that we were interrupted due to a failure on our part to lock doors. There were a few more occasions where his brother almost or did actually interrupt a few oral sessions and later some full fledged sexual intercourse sessions. It would take us some time to figure out that making sure one of us had locked his bedroom door was perhaps a good idea.

My early sexual experiences while at times both embarrassing and humorous gave me a pretty good foundation on which I would build over the years. I had a partner that was adventurous and could patiently reassure me as I was exploring and learning. When that relationship dissolved years later I was so comfortable with my self and my own sexuality that I found myself entering into an open relationship with a good male friend. Together and apart he and I would spend the next three years further exploring, engaging in various acts as we discovered new things that we loved.

To be continued.... 


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