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Tale of Two Wands

Having a serious mental illness means that I have to take medicine to manage my symptoms. I have seen lots of bloggers talk about the sexual side effects of the medicine that is used to treat anxiety and depression but few have discussed matters relating to what are known as SMI's or serious mental illness.* Often times the medications used to treat SMI's has devastating effects on sexual function. This includes loss of sexual desire and difficulty or inability to achieve orgasm. For men it mean both those and erectile dysfunction. There really isn't a single solution to help over come these problems. The only advice I can give is to explore sexually. Don't be afraid to add sex toys to the mix. Think of them as extensions or things that compliment sexual activity rather than replacements. If you are the partner of someone who having sexual side effects due to medication please be patient with your partner, don't place blame and remember we need these medications to function in every day life and to be free from psychosis and other symptoms. Communication is key here and both partners need to feel that they express themselves in a non judgmental environment.

I have always been weary of buying the wand styled massagers. I am not a power queen in any way shape or form. The very thought of intense strong vibrations causes my sensitive clit to berate me about the possible consequences that it would suffer should I attempt to use a power monster upon it. Even a few of my various sexual partners would question why a sex toy loving slut such as I lacked what many considered a common staple in the toy box. I would politely remind them that simple watch battery bullets could make me cum. Of course this was before I sought treatment for my mental illness as an adult(was in treatment as a teenager)

I am a curious creature (with a slight masochistic streak I should add) and oh so bad when it comes to temptation (sometimes it so difficult to say no) so when I actually thought about the pros and cons I broke down and purchased one of these “muscle massagers.” Add to this the fact that the medications used to treat my Schizoaffective disorder also interfere with sexual pleasure and you have the perfect storm for me to impulsively buy a wand or two or three.

After looking over the options I settled first on the Miracle Massager from California Exotics. It was priced reasonably cheaper than the others, which is a plus when you are not really that all sure you will even like the vibrations. My only hope was that is would be able to get me off despite my antipsychoyic induced sexual dysfunction.

For me, this wand is angled for a better reach. This angling means that my hand and/or wrist doesn't need to be held in an odd position for maximum use. This angle could present issues for some people as not all bodies are shaped the same. The rumbling vibrations engulf the whole vulva which is a plus. Another plus is that this wand packs a punch. The strong rumbling vibrations are great at getting me off.

It has two setting setting high and low. Simple yes, but it may be an issue for those who like more pulsing vibrations or variation is their vibration intensity. Over all I am impressed with the Miracle Massager, it does get me off and quickly. As of late is has been my go to vibrator.

It is made of ABS plastic and PVC which means that it can't be sterilized although it is possible to purchase silicone attachments that can be used with it.

It measures 10.5 inches length so keep that it mind if larger items are something that you wish to stay away from.

Next up is Rechargeable Hitachi style wand. I purchased this on sale over at Eden Fantasy. I was drawn to the fact that it is cordless and rechargeable. This allows more better range of movement and also means that I don't have to masturbate next to an electrical outlet. The head is also silicone which means it can be easily cleaned and sterilized.

It has multiple settings for vibration intensity and pattern. This includes low and high intensity vibrations. In all there are 10 separate settings. The control pad is easy to use and I never accidentally changes settings while in use. Now I did find that the low setting on this wand to be too low while the highest setting in somewhere between the low and high setting on Miracle Massager. So this massager is less powerful than the Miracle Massager. Thankfully this was not an issue, but it may be something to keep in mind when trying to purchase a wand.

Another difference is sound. This is much more quieter than the Miracle Massager.

It recharges via USB port, but doesn't seem to take long to recharge, maybe an hour tops. Another thing is it holds a charge for awhile. So far I have only had to recharge it once a week, although if you use it more than a few times a week you may have to recharge it sooner.

I liked the portability, being able to use it without being in a arms length of an outlet is a plus. While weaker than Miracle Massager it was still strong enough to get the job done.

Attachments can be used with wands and I found that the heads were similar in size that the same attachments can be used on both. The cost of both is comparable. This one is a little bigger with an over all length of 12 and half inches. A perfect storage solution is the Eden Fantasy Toy case. (my review can be found here ) This case not only locks but is also large enough to hold a wand styled massager (I can fit both wands in one case)

The Break down (comparing the two in detail)

Miracle Massager
Rechargeable Hitachi style wand
Cost (price is reflective on when post was posted and may be subject to change) Under $50 Under $50
Length 10.5 Inches 12 ½ inches
Pros Angled for better reach
Can be used with liberator toy mounts
Attachments can be used
Holds a charge
Multiple settings
Can be used with liberator toy mounts
Attachments can be used
Cons Only two settings
Not cordless, need to be near outlet
Angle might not work for some
Not angled
Not as powerful

*Severe mental illness is often defined by its length of duration and the disability it produces. These illnesses include disorders that produce psychotic symptoms, such as schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, and severe forms of other disorders, such as major depression and bipolar disorder.


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