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Review: Eden toy case

Eden Toy Case

From Eden Toys

Having quite a large collection of sex toys can be a plus. Various toys to pick from for either a good solo fuck or using with a partner is useful, fun and means variation. Such large collection can also lead to storage dilemmas. The need to keep toys secure, clean and yet within easy reach can be problematic if one is using cases and pouches that can't be locked. So one begins the search for lockable cases. Most of which are expensive and those that aren't are often only able to fit a single toy or two, too large to fit snugly inside a nightstand drawer or under the bed. Many are made of inferior quality or are nothing more than a soft sided pouch that does very little to hide what is inside.

I had been debating for some time as to if I should splurge a little and purchase any of the various lockable toy cases that are out there on the market. While I do tend to use make-up bags and drawstring toy pouches for storage, I found myself wanting something that could store some of my most used items neatly, securely and discreetly next to the bedside. I knew that I needed something that was large enough to hold not only a wand styled massager but maybe also a dildo, some anal toys, a small vibrator, lubricant and cleaning wipes. I also didn't want to spend a lot of money and the EdenToy Case from Eden Fantasys appeared to be the perfect answer.

The Toy Case from Eden Toys is larger than I expected. While I had read the site description which lists its length as 13 inches with a 6 inch width, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it can indeed hold quite a bit. Depth was not listed, but my measurements came to a little over 2 inches, so it is deep enough for use with a wand massager or toys where the girth is about two inches or smaller.

While I have preference for the color black and tend to shy away from brighter colors, the purple color is not too overwhelming and not all that obnoxious. According to the description found on the Eden Fantasys website this case is made of polyurethane. The hard outer shell has a smooth almost silky texture to it. The outside duel zippers can accommodate a small lock (no lock is included) to help secure items from accidental discovery. The zipper functions as expected and seems be securely stitched and able to withstand repeated use. It doesn't look cheaply made or tacky which is always a plus.

The inside is pink with the mesh pouch and straps being black. The pink lining appears to made out of soft cloth like material that is also smooth to the touch. A plus side is not only is the material lint free but should it pick up some lint, pet fur, hair etc it wipes up very easily. This makes it a very good worry free storage case if such are an issue.

One side has elastic straps to hold larger toys such as rabbits, a wand massager and even dildos in place. The straps have quite a bit of give and are stitched in the upper side of the case near the top rather than to the actual base, this means here is roughly about 3/4ths of an inch between the strap and case. So keep in mind that smaller items such as thin beginner dildos, anal probes and thin vibrators may not be held in place as well.

The other side consists of a zipper meshed pouch that has a second Velcro pouch inside. The smaller pouch is ideal for keeping bullet vibrator, cock rings, condoms, lubricant sample packets and batteries while the larger pouch can be used to store wand attachments, smaller vibrators, anal toys and cleaning supplies.
Inner Velcro pouch

Another storage use for this is BDSM gear. I was happy to see exactly how much this can hold in relation to that. Smaller sized paddles and other small impact toys fit nicely inside this, while also fitting things such as cuffs, shorter lengths of rope, restraints, and collars. This was a nice surprise use and the very reason that I ordered another one.

As for being discreet, like I mentioned before a lock can be added to the zipper. I also do not think that it would raise to much attention if this was placed in either a bedside drawer or even under the bed. It can also be slipped inside a suitcase or even in a larger overnight bag for travel. It should be noted that the case does have a small Eden leaf logo in one corner. The logo is raised and although the same color purple can easily seen. There is also a tag on the inside that says Eden Fantasys. The tag isn't a concern in the privacy area since in order to actually see it the case would need to be open.

Its only packaging upon arrival was a clear plastic bag absent any care instructions. I did wipe down the outside of the case with a damp cloth since it accumulated some pet fur and lint during the photo session. This did not seem to damage it in any visible way.

So what exactly am I using mine for you ask. One case is being utilized to keep both my Miracle Massager and my Rechargeable HitachiStyle Wand by Eden Fantasys and also four wand attachments. All items fit nicely inside and I have no difficulty closing it. The other case is going to be used for some BDSM storage. Mostly cuffs, collar and chains and zip ties will be stored in it. It also fits a smaller crop and Tantus Plunge Paddle . Since it can be slid under the bed this means no more getting up and raiding the storage dresser for my most used toys.
Two wand and attachments

Holding BDSM gear

I did find some fault with this. The major issue is the elastic straps. These straps really can't secure thinner toys and also they have quite a bit of give to them. This could result in some toys sliding around on the inside and even perhaps slipping out of the straps entirely. Another issue I found is that the inner Velcro pouch can become stuck in the zipper if one isn't careful when zipping shut the outer pouch. These faults however would not keep me from recommending this.

Overall I like this toy case. It is quality made, looks nice, and its size allows for considerable storage possibilities. I liked it enough to own two and I am seriously considering getting another. It is affordable, can be locked, its quality is fairly good and it can be used to store a lot of different items. I would love it if Eden decided to make more of these cases in various sizes or even just made one with a greater depth for larger sized dildo storage.

Buy at Eden Fantasys 


*Good Quality
*Large- can be used to store quite a bit of items
*Lockable (lock not included)
*Can be used for either sex toy storage or smaller BDSM items.
*Doesn't look cheap!
*Fits inside a dresser drawer or can be slid under a bed for easy access.
*Discreet, no soft sides to cling to toys and betray whats inside.
Mesh compartments allow for organization or storage of smaller items.


*No care instructions
*The placement and looseness of the elastic straps doesn't allow for use with thinner toys


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