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Who's The Boss

Boss From Fun Factory

Boss is usually a word that I utter with vile contempt. But when referring to the Fun Factory dildo it is said with praise.

Like all other Fun Factory toys Boss is made of 100% silicone. Its total length is 7 inches with an insertable length of 6 ½ inches. With a circumference of 5 ¼ inches boss is the mid range for girth, not to thin and not such a monster that size queens would drool.

The silicone is soft with a velvety finish. Add a little lubricant and it slides right in with little to no friction. Being made of silicone also means that Boss can be sterilized before use which means it can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration as well as being shared with various partners without fear of nasty bacteria or STDs being shared.

The flat base allows for easy use with either a harness for partner play or sticking to a smooth surface for solo play. The flared base also allows for use with Liberator Toy mounts such as the Bon Bon or Wing. This use with toy mounts is a plus as it allows for either a hands free ride or use with a partner for double penetration. The silicone is supple not hard. This allows for some bending during use which some users may like.

The ridges and pronounced glans
Boss is curves for G Spot stimulation. For me this was a let down. The curve is just not pronounced enough for me to really get anything from it. The pronounced glans and ridge that is along the underside did little stimulate to the G Spot although I was able to feel it. As a regular old dildo this was great. Easy insertion, the glans and ridges gives some texture during use and the girth wasn't either too little or to much. Although people who are used to smaller toys might have some issues with it and size queens might find themselves not as filled as desired.

Over all I liked Boss. Easy to use either hands free, in a harness or toy mount. Easy to clean with some soap and water and while it may not work as a g spot stimulator for me it none the less worked as a regular dildo. I have seen reviews with others were able to receive G Spot stimulation so I wouldn't write it off. I think it would depend on body type and if a harder material like glass or metal is needed for the proper stimulation. So keep that in mind when deciding if would like to add Boss to your collection.

Made from Body Safe Silicone
Easy to clean and sterilize
Worked great as a regular dildo
Girth is in mid range
Perfect length
Sucked as a G spot dildo
Girth may be an issue for those with a preference for either small thinner dildos or size queens.


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