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Cleaning And Storing Your Toys

This pretty common sense but you would not believe the amount of people I have encountered that were in disbelief that sex toys needed to be cleaned. These are the same people that would buy a toy and use it right out of the packaging.

When it comes to shared toys it is especially important to make sure that they are cleaned before and after use. It is possible for sexually transmitted infections to be transmitted via the use of sex toys. Bacterial from the anus can also be transmitted to the vagina during use with toys that are used for both vaginal and anal penetration, this can also lead to an infection. Also toys that may come into contact with the urethral opening can easily pass along bacteria that could lead to a urinary tract infection.

This why proper cleaning of your sex toys is very important and something that I consider to be key to good sexual hygiene. Keeping them clean will reduce ones chances of exposure to bacteria that could lead to infections. I can think of nothing more disgusting then grabbing a dildo to use and finding dried lube and vaginal gunk on it. It is also a very important step in maintaining them so as to extend their life as proper care can help inhibit the growth of nasty shit which can damage the toy.

A key factor to remember is that not all materials are equal when it comes to safety and cleaning. Toys made of non porous materials such as glass, silicone and metal are easy to sanitize and maintain. These materials are also body safe, can be 100% sterilized before and after use which means that they can be shared between partners. For those reasons that is why I recommend that you try to stick to these materials when shopping for sex toys.

Cheaper porous materials such as jelly, PVC, can not be effectively cleaned and sanitized, they also degrade (break down)over time and more often than not contain chemicals that are harmful. For those reasons toys made of porous material should be avoided, but if you absolutely have to use one as in there is no other option then please remember that the toy 1. Can not be shared between partners unless fluid bonded or a condom is used. 2.The toy can not be used for both vaginal and anal play unless a condom is used 3.There is a risk of harmful effects from the chemicals that may be present in the material. 4. The toy will likely not last long before the material starts to degrade, which means it will have to be replaced far more sooner. It is more wise to save up for a more expensive silicone toy instead of having to keep replacing a cheaper toy.

Now to the actual cleaning. There are many different methods of cleaning and/or sterilizing non porous (glass, silicone, metal) items.

1.The easiest is just wiping down the toy with either cleaning wipe specially made for sex toys, an anti bacterial wipe or a baby wipe. I only use a baby wipe for a quick cleaning if the toy has already been thoroughly cleaned and you just need to remove lint, hair ect that it might have picked up while waiting for use.
2. Soap and water. You can use either toy cleaner, hand soap, or dish soap. Be careful when cleaning vibrators as this could possibly destroy the motor if water gets inside. In the case of items that are not water proof I typically use a misting toy cleaner and then wipe clean with a damp cloth.
3. Wiping down with a bleach solution or bleach wipe. This can sterilize the toy. Make sure to rinse thoroughly afterward before use.

The following methods of cleaning can be only be used only on non vibrating/non motor toys:
1. Dishwasher.
2. Boiling. This is a great way to sterilize toys.
3. Soaking in a bleach solution.

Upon first receiving a sex toy the first thing I do is clean them. All new dildos are boiled while vibrators are given a thorough washing with either anti bacterial soap or toy cleaner and then rinsed/wiped clean.

Before each use I simply wipe down the toy with either a toy cleaning wipe or baby wipe to remove anything that the material might have picked up. After each use the toys are given a scrub or boiled depending on if the toy was used vaginally or for anal play. Afterward I either let them air dry or pat them dry with a lint free cloth.

If toys have textured grooves or crevices I use a toothbrush to help clean them.

There are a variety of methods that can be used to store toys. I find that pouches, bags, cases and smaller storage bins work great. This allows for some organization while they are stored in my dresser. Before putting away any toy I first make sure that they are 100% cleaned and dry. Toys that are still damp can lead to bacterial or mold growth.

I like to store my dildos inside individual bags. This is stop colors from leaching and also to prevent any type of a reaction (although it is safe to store 100% silicone together without fear of melting, I just am anal when it comes to storage) Glass toys are kept inside individual padded pouches to prevent nicks, scratches and chips from them jostling around.  

There are endless ideas as to where to store your toys. A quick google will show you the variety of ways that people store their toys from cases dedicated to sex toys to plastic storage units. To purchase toy cleaner or storage follow these links.

Toy Cleaners at Pink Cherry  Adam & Eve  SheVibe  Babeland  Eden Fantasys  Liberator
Storage at Pink Cherry  Adam &Eve  Shevibe  Eden Fantasys  Liberator

I hope this post was helpful. Please feel free to share how you like to clean and store your sex toys. 


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