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Review: Dante Denim Toy Bag

As any reader of my blog could have guessed, my toy box is constantly expanding. This means that besides keeping a close eye on spending I am also constantly on the look out for storage ideas. In an earlier post I covered the various ways that I store my toys from the bags that my come with them, to boxes and make-up cases.

This past September I found myself with a little extra on hand cash and a strong wanting of The Tantus Plunge Paddle. After considering my options I went on over to Liberator and placed an order. Since the cost of the Tantus Plunge was below the minimum needed for free shipping (and I still had extra cash) and I tossed on a few more items including two of The Couture Toy Cases and also grabbed the Dante Denim toy bag since it was being offered as a free promotional gift with orders over $75.

Yes I am aware of the fact that make-up bags are cheaper (I can usually pick them up for a few dollars) but I was very curious about the Couture Bags and the one was the perfect size for storing The Plunge. So how do they stack up?

Dante Denim Toy Bag

I'll start with the free gift or this review post. The Dante Denim Toy Bag was offered as a free gift with orders over $75. It retails for $15 if one were looking to purchase it because of either it no longer being offered as a promo gift, your purchase amount is under the minimum needed or if you wanted to add another to your order.

Dante is crafted by Cone Denim. The bags outer material is made of quality dark denim, while the inside is twill and comes in various colors. The material is neither water proof or water resistant so care should be taken if you are going to store liquids in this. Over all the quality of bag is really good. It looks sleek, doesn't come across as cheaply made, both stitching and its single zipper are sturdy and don't appear to be done haphazardly.

It blends in easily inside of either a dresser drawer, over night bag or even a purse. The zipper tag does have a tag that says Liberator attached to it but for the most part anyone encountering it should be none the wiser as to its contents just by visual inspection. Please note that there is no way to lock this bag, so anyone who does stumble upon can easily open it.

Care is fairly easily. I washed mine on gentle cycle in cold water and then tumbled dry low without any noticeable fading or damage.

 With it measurements of 11 inches by 6 inches Dante is ideal for storing a wide variety of different styles of toys and accessories. It can also be used for storage of smaller dildos. I have been using it to store some of my anal beads and anal probes. As you can see from the following pictures it easily holds two sets of beads, three probes and one larger anal toy and still has room to hold more.

Although I currently have a use for Dante I thought it would be interesting to see if it could also be used to store some of my dildos. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that is can indeed be used for storing dildos.

I easily held the The Tantus Flex Duel Dildo and I still had room for another smaller dildo or small vibrator.

I could also fit three small dildos in there together. The Tantus Throb, Vixen Small Realistic Bent, and Vixen Mistress.

Moving onto larger dildos I was able to fit both the Tantus Crush and Tantus Flurry.

So while this storage bag is not ideal for much larger toys such as some of the wand styled massagers and larger dildos such as Tantus Hoss and Doc Johnsons Man O War it would okay for a toy that has an over all length of about 8 inches or under. The fact that it has size that allows for the storage of various different styles of toys, is made well, looks nice and is fairly discreet I would recommend checking Dante out.

Quick Facts

Material: Denim exterior with a twill interior.
Size: 11 inch by 6 inch
Pros: Easy to keep clean and care for.
Size allows for various different types of toys to be stored inside.
Easily can be concealed inside a dresser drawer, over night bag etc.
Appears to be good quality

Cons: Not water proof or water resistant
Can not be locked
Liberator tag on zipper makes this not 100% discrete

I will be posting the reviews for the other two bags shortly :)


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