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The Good and the bad :(

Sometimes things in life happen that throw us for a loop. You might be left scrambling to find and alternate way to accomplish something.  Case in point, the other night one of favorite bullets died.  I tried multiple new batteries hoping that maybe it was just bad batteries.  Nope.  It did not break right away it broke while in use. It just stopped right as I was about to get off.  Needless to say I had to scramble and find a quick substitute to finish with.  Thankfully I have a few bullets hanging around.

That was the bad news.  The good news is that while looking around for a replacement I decided to place an order for some other items. Hopefully this means I can actually have some new reviews for EF.  It seems like that the majority of my toys are either discontinued, have too many reviews already or not carried by EF.  


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Better, more detailed and 100% accurate as to my experience with the company!
First off let me begin by stating that I live in the United States and that Pink Cherry is a Canadian based company. At first I was slightly hesitant to order from them, my main issue was shipping. I was afraid that it would take a long time to receive my package and/or that the free shipping offer was not valid on orders destined to the US. Well my fears were not justified. I have ordered from them a total of three times so far and each time I have received my order within a week. I also was able to receive free shipping on all orders for ordering over a certain amount. But more on all that later.

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