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Product Review: Man' O War

Man' O War

Fuck yes I was drooling as I eagerly tore open my latest order from PinkCherry. For some time I had been in the mood for big dick and I had ordered the Jumbo Jack Man' O War by Doc Johnson because of that. I do believe that I instantly became wet as I pulled back the flaps of brown cardboard and first beheld this gorgeous cock. Hell yes this one was made for a stretching good fuck and I couldn't wait to get the chance to ride him. Oops, did I forget to confess my secret? Well now, I apologize for that.

You see, cocks of a considerable size do not intimidate me in me least.  To be frank I love huge cocks. I have had the pleasure of having a few lovers who were blessed in this area, and I never batted an eye when pants were shed and my eyes took in the wonderful sight of their big hard dicks. Simply put, I love looking at them. I love touching them. I love sucking them. I love way they stretch me and bump my cervix during rough deep penetration, but most of all I love riding them until I cum good and hard.

The Man'O War is a semi realistic styled dildo, made of SilAgel, which after a quick search just seems to be a trademarked name for a variation of PVC. The package says that it is Phthalate Free . There is a noticeable rubber like smell and taste to it, but at least for me it was not too overpowering as to distract during. Either that or I was so in awe that I was able to ignore it.  Please note that being made of SilAgel also means that it can not be effectively sterilized. No bleaching or even boiling. It is also porous so no sharing of this one unless condoms are used or you are fluid bonded with the partner. Condoms should also be used if you plan on using this for anal penetration.  SilAgel is also sticky, so care should be taken to keep this toy clean. I usually store mine in storage bags, this one needed a gallon freezer storage bag due to its size.

The reason that I said it is semi realistic is because although there is some texture to material, it is not that pronounced.  I would say that is has more of a smoothness to the shaft even if it does have some veining along the shaft.

Now onto this matter of size that I keep mentioning. How should I describe it? Enormous. Immense. Magnificent. Fucking horse cock as one of my male friends would say.

It's insertable length is an impressive 8 inches and boasts a nice and hefty girth of nearly 7 inches at its largest. (Most descriptions I have read say that it has a circumference of 6.28 to 6 1/2. Below are a few pictures that I took of the girth. Either my tape measure is wrong or it is larger than stated) 

So yeah, horse cock it is. It has the distinguished honor of being the largest dildo in my possession at this moment. Size be damned I was determined to conquer this beast. I have fantasized about taking a cock this large for some time so after a good washing with hot water and Adam & Eve foaming toy cleaner I grabbed some  Adam & Eve lube I had on hand and went to work.

The sturdy base keeps it from moving, so hands free play is possible. Which is something I love and I rather enjoy riding my cocks. Another thing I would like to make note of is that the base also had some suction cup like qualities. It was a little flimsy but seemed to hold okay to both the side of a bookcase and also my shower wall. Sad to report I did not actually get to actually test it while attached to either.

My first session was a failure. The head is large, like I said above the lower ridge of the head area measure in at a tiny bit under 7 inches. For experimental purposes I tried to see if I could give it oral. Nope, I couldn't get my mouth wide enough to have any type of success. The head does have a natural like shape to it, so the tapered tip does help but honestly it still took some work to just get the head inside me.

The upper part of the shaft just below the head also measured roughly 7 inches. Because of the girth I couldn't really tell if there was drag, or if I needed more lube and a little warm up before hand. The texture is pretty smooth, so I am assuming that it was the sheer size.  In the end I could only take a little over half , my vagina very much protesting the painful stretch as I gently tried to lower myself in order to take more. It just wasn't possible. I was deeply offended by this defeat needless to say. Never before have I encountered a cock I couldn't take. For fuck sakes I have been fisted and also been doubled stuffed AKA double vaginal penetration(not at the same time mind you). Taking this monster should have been a walk in the park in comparison to those two. But nooo my vagina had other thoughts on the matter and voiced those thoughts loudly as it stubbornly refused to take any more.
I could have just sighed, hung my head in defeat as I tossed Man' O War into the bottom dresser drawer of doom.  Yes, that drawer. The one where useless, horrible sex toys (and the multitude of free bullets and pocket rockets that I keep getting free with orders from the same company) are banished until the ends of time. But I do not bow down to defeat easily. There was much at stake here, the least of which was my pride.

Well as the saying goes if at first you don't succeed fuck it until you do.

Which leads me to my second session. This time I warmed up with what is now my second largest dildo, the Platinum Premium Silicone The Super 7 inch dildo which coincidentally is also by Doc Johnson. After a little play I felt ready. I grabbed Man'O War and slathered him with lube, this time I used Vlube Ultra-sensitive gel lubricant and also used more than I usually do, and taking a calming deep breath I tried again. I took my time,  slowly lowering myself, even pausing a few times to get accustomed to the stretch. I swear I may have briefly heard Beethoven's Ode to Joy as I felt the last of the thick shaft slip inside me. I had achieved success, Man' O War was in to the hilt.

I rode it nice and slow, a slight fear of it bruising my cervix gave me just enough caution to keep me
from using my normal punishing pace.  I was stuffed and stretched, my vagina flip flopping between a
burning ache and wanting more.  I didn't even need to use one of my handy dandy little bullets, I
came hard and quick. I think I actually in a daze for a minutes, still impaled as I waited for the
shaking in my legs to stop. Yep, it was that kind of orgasm. The mind blowing, sweaty body
shaking type.

I was glad to have thought to toss down my water proof blanket, which I had only done so to catch any lube that might have slid down.  I very rarely come from traditional penetration alone so that was a pleasant surprise and well worth the sore pussy I am currently sporting.  Yeah, this one is going to take some getting used to. It's hard to walk for a bit after. It might make others think horrible thoughts should they stumble upon it.  But fuck it, all that is well worth the glorious fucking I received and the pride of knowing that I did indeed conquer the beast in the end.

I absolutely would not recommend Man' O War for anyone who is inexperienced or those who have a preference for smaller and more slender toys for penetration.  This is however perfect for size queens or people who just want to experience the feeling of being stuffed.


  1. I bought one of these over 20 years ago for my girlfriend at the time, she loved it and later ended up using it on me until I could take it all and was hooked on it too... then she left me... but I kept the dildo and still fuck this monster almost every day. I bought one for the woman I'm with now and she loves it and can take almost all of it. I've got other dildos but none feel as good as this one, it's the perfect cock.


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