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Product Review: Curvy Power Stud Vibe

Curvy Power Stud Vibe

I am not a huge fan of realistic vibrating dildos. In my experience they are either noisy as all hell, lack any strong vibrations or they are just plain damn awkward to use. The Curvy Power Stud vibe by California Exotic Novelties rose above the others, but just barely. Bluntly put it was an okay fuck, nothing special and nothing to sing praise about. 

The noise level was moderately low, but it was far from whisper quiet. It might even be possible to be heard through thinner walls.  It wasn't all that awkward to use, the controls were easy to use and although it is located on the side of the base I didn't have any mishaps of accidental vibration speed change or shutting off. It is made of PVC which is a porous material so although you can wash it with soap/ toy cleaner and water this can not be sterilized between uses, which means it can't be shared and if planning to use it for both vaginal and anal that a condom will need to be used. I also noticed that it has a slight odor and taste, but I didn't find it to be too strong as to become a distraction or turn off.

I didn't test the waterproof statement.  I am always hesitant to use any of vibrators in water...just in case. I usually reserve bath time play for dildos only.  

It has three different vibration settings. The lowest was a good warm up when used on my clitoris but did nothing for me during insertion. The other two settings were all right being  numbingly strong or too weak to be of any use. I should note that I am fairly sensitive, and can usually cum within minutes from a simple watch battery powered bullet being used on my clitoris so there is a good chance that this might be on the weaker end for those who are less sensitive.

As I said it was an okay fuck. The insertable length of 4 ½ inches was nice but not filling and with a girth of between 5 and 6 inches was okay but a total G Spot tease. I had figured that the girth and curve would give me some good G Spot stimulation, hell I even broke out my new water proof blanket in hopes of a christening. Sadly it never came (no pun intended).

I know damn well know where my G Spot is but this fucker was a total tease. It would just grazed my G Spot, and not even changing angles and thrusting speed could give me the pressure and right strokes that I was craving. So, for me as a G Spot vibe it failed. It teased and teased until I was forced to break out the Ella and finish the job. I have seen reviews where others claim that it worked well for them, so perhaps it was just my own anatomy, the angle of penetration or thrusts that I was using. (this was used during solo play mind you)

Texture on shaft

Head and more shaft texture

I won't be giving up on this one and banishing it to the box of damnation where disappointing toys are forced to reside. The texture, which felt great on my vaginal walls during thrusting would make this an adequate dildo so long as I pair it with a clitoral vibe. Also given its smaller size if it were paired with a condom and some lube (it does have a little girth after all) it might make a pretty good anal vibe.  


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