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Cleaning Sex toys

Cleaning Sex Toys

If you have read my reviews(and hopefully you have and if not, what the hell are you waiting for) you probably encountered mentions of cleaning sex toys. All toys should be cleaned before and after use and they can harbor bacterial that could cause UTI or vaginal infections. Some materials can even be sterilized which is a must for toys that are shared between partners or used for anal and vaginal play. Keeping your toys clean also can help extend their life.

Cleaning by material

Glass: One of the best features besides the beauty of a glass toys is that they can sterilized by either soaking in a 10% bleach solution or by boiling for 10-15 minutes. If sterilization is not an issue a simple cleaning with antibacterial soap and water will keep them clean.

Silicone/Metal: Like glass silicone and metal are non porous and can be sterilized with the exact same methods. Again a antibacterial soap and water can be used also. I also keep wipes (baby wipes work fine) on hand as silicone tends to be a lint magnet and collect all sorts of hair be it human or pet.

TPR/SilaGel/PVC/Plastic/Rubber/ABS Plastic: Antibacterial soaps and water can be used toys made of these materials. As these materials are porous and can not be sterilized it is recommended that if they are being shared or switching between anal and vaginal play that a condom be used.

The above seem to be the most encountered items, but a larger list that include a good bit of information on the cleaning and care of different material please check out the Sex Toy Material Guide at Holistic Wisdom or EdenFantasys

Toy Cleaner

Besides soap one can also use sex toy cleaner. While I am sure that the properties are similar and that both soap and toy cleaner clean effectively I find that actual odor of most antibacterial soaps is non pleasant. Therefor I usually use a toy cleaner. I use the following cleaners and have absolutely no issues with them; Adam &Eve Pure and Clean foaming toy cleaner, Wicked Cleene, and Refresh ToyCleaner.


After rinsing either air dry to pat dry with a lint free cloth before storing the toys. It is very important that the toys be thoroughly dry to help inhibit the growth of mildew and bacteria. Always store your toys in a cool dry place, taking care to keep toys out of direct sunlight. It is a good idea to store each toy inside it's own bag or container to keep materials from interacting with each other.

Toys such as vibrators can not be boiled as it may damage them. Rather than boiling it suggested that for sterilizing (remember only certain materials can be sterilized)you wipe them down a 10% bleach solution, taking care not to get battery or power compartments wet.

Make sure all batteries are removed before storing. Removing the batteries helps to extend the life of the batteries as accidental turning on. This also will protect your toy from accidental battery leaks.

Although I clean and inspect my toys before and after each use I also clean them as a whole every three month. This gives me a chance to check each and every toy and make sure that they are in working order. It also is a great opportunity to reorganize and make sure that their storage containers and bags are clean also. This also gives me the opportunity to actually take stock in what I have on hand and see if there is anything that I would like to add to my collection.


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