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2013 was a shit year for me. Between my day job being dicks with with me and continuously, my boyfriend changing jobs having an erratic work schedule for a good chunk of the year both of which had affected not only finances but also caused a few ripples in our relationship due to lack of quality time with one another. That coupled with a major decision to move back to Pittsburgh has resulted in neglecting this blog.

I am hoping that 2014 and brings better things, most of which is that major move we want. Living in backwoods Pennsylvania for the past 8 years has really sapped a lot from me. It has lowered my motivation to write, not only entries but also writing in general. Being surrounded by bigoted and sexually repressed people has caused everything from amusement to frustration and anger. And when the most exciting thing that one can do is a trip to the local Walmart it also leads to a kind of mental depression.

I miss the city. I miss being able to explore, visiting various museums and cultural events. I miss being able to engage in conversations that are not about the latest gossip or rumors. I deeply miss the experience of living in a city where people are friendly and for the most part are progressive rather than bigoted and backwards. I miss the vibrancy of city life and detest the depressed and stagnancy that permeates the current area where I live.

So here is to 2014 and the simple hope that it brings positive change, not only an inner change of outlook and mind but also a change of residence for me.  


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