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Storage 2.0

Earlier this year I did a post on ideas for storing your sex toys. Since that post my own collection has grown considerably and I now utilize a few different types of storage methods and containers. Also I have found myself actively looking for new ideas and items that could be easily used for this purpose. Because of this I felt that an update was in order.

Be it keeping adult toys from prying eyes, curious pets or keeping your toys clean and organized it is always a good thing to invest in some sort of storage item.   There are many different boxes and bags that are marketed for this purpose, but those items are often times expensive.  Over the years I have employed many different types of storage solutions for my collection. Here are just a few very inexpensive ideas. 

One of the first things that I always take into consideration is discreetness. Can my toys be stored in the container without it being obvious as to what is hidden inside?  The second thing that I keep in mind is if the container can it washed. Accident can happen be it a bottle of lube or toy cleaner leaking to maybe batteries were not removed and leaked.  The third thing is cost. I try not to spend more than a few dollars on storage containers, plus I also keep an eye out while at yard sales or the local thrift store (another reason why I keep in mind if the material can be washed.)  Sometimes all it might take is a simple look around your house and taking note of items that you may already have on hand.

This criteria does not actually limit what I can I use as storage, instead I have been left with a wide variety of different options.  

Make Up bags: This is actually what I use for the vast majority of my toys. It easily allows me to organize and store them inside of my dresser drawers.  

They are also relatively cheap to buy, with I think my most expensive one costing me all of $6. Make up bags also make it easier to keep your toys in reach as they can also be placed in bathrooms and also on top of dressers without calling attention as to what is actually inside.

Plastic storage Totes. I mainly use these for liquid items such as lube and toy cleaner and also for keeping samples and condoms organized and in easy reach. My dresser drawer is deep enough that I can keep the bottles up right. Should something leak I know that my toys and my dresser drawer is protected. One draw back to these is that clear ones easily betray what is actually inside. A simple solution for this would be to either purchase non clear ones or place them inside a trunk or chest.

Purses. I currently utilize three old purses. One holds all my glass toys, another has dildos while the third on is used to keep lingerie, fetish themed clothing and some of my bondage items neatly packed away until they needed. A good bonus with this is that I can actually store them out in the open and people don't generally think twice if they happen to catch a glimpse of a purse hanging on a closet door handle.

Tool Box:  I found this beautiful cloth tool box that would make an excellent container. It is roomy enough to hold the majority of my dildos yet small enough to easily slide under my bed for storage. Hard plastic tool boxes could also be used, they have the advantage of having removable trays which would make organizing toys by types or size much easier. Tool boxes could also be stored in closets or even under a bathroom sink without drawing attention to itself. Many even come with locks or could have locks added to keep people from prying.

One of the things that I actually liked about this tool box is that there are two compartments on the inside which would allow for easy organizing of my dildos while there are four pockets on the outside that could be used for smaller items such as bullets, wipes, condoms and lube. 

Laptop cases/Suit cases. These can easily be slid underneath a bed or in the case of a lap top bag can be placed next to bed. Suitcases can hold more, but I have found that lap top cases typically have more compartments inside them. I actually do have a nice sized suitcase that I could convert to a storage container with some modifications , my issue is that it is too deep to fit under my bed.

Sewing Box: Another great idea that can easily leave toys concealed right out in plain sight. Often times they come with a removable tray that could help organize smaller items. Since this case is actually used for the storage of sewing material at this moment I have been keeping my eye out for something similar.  That way I can keep my most used items in easy reach next to my bed. 

If plain sight storage isn't an issue then organizers meant for automobiles are a another possible solution. Center console organizers could be kept on top of nightstands, while an over the seat organizer could be hung on a closet door. The two items above were actually purchased for under $10 for both. The over the seat one has pockets which would help keep various toys organized and within reach.


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