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Good Relationships

Good Relationships

Since I had two posts awhile back in regards to unhealthy relationships and sexual ignorance I thought that perhaps I should focus on the positive this time around for this entry.

In my experience and opinion the key factors to a healthy relationship are grounded in a few simple principles. This list is in no particular order of importance as each every point is as important as the others just as it is far from a complete list.

  • Mutual Respect.
  • A sense of identity that is not centered around their partner and/or relationship.
  • A balance that gives equal importance to time spent as a couple as well as time spent apart pursing self interests.
  • Mutual trust
  • A firm foundation in friendship.
  • Mutual support.
  • Communication that involves both listening and voicing concerns and input.
  • An understanding that rough patches are common and working together to get through them.
  • A relationship that is free from manipulation, abuse, jealousy, demeaning and belittling words and attitude, and selfish pursuits.
  • A relationship where both partners have equal footing.
  • Understanding that there will be differences in interests, beliefs, views etc. Embrace these differences rather than exploit them.

Too often people ignore what makes a relationship healthy and settle for something else just to have a sense of belonging, love or a sense of self. These people often don't know any better or are so afraid of being alone that they settle for something far less and end up unhappy and bitter. Personally I can not comprehend how any one could subject themselves to such negativity just to feel a false sense of belonging or being loved.


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