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Shopping Spree

Looks like I'll be on the look out for some more storage bags very shortly...

From EdenFantasy I think that I went more on a spree here than anywhere else.

Item NamePriceSavingsQtyAmount
Super twins$11.99
SALE: Spring Clearance: Save 25%$11.99$3.001$8.99
The ammunition$12.99
SALE: Spring Clearance: Save 25%$12.99$3.251$9.74
Love rider G-kiss probe$39.99
SALE: Save 25% on Sexy Toys for Women and Men$39.99$10.001$29.99
Mini specialist black$14.99
SALE: Save 15% on Sexy Toys for Women and Men$14.99$2.251$12.74
SALE: Save 25% on Sexy Toys for Women and Men$32.99$8.251$24.74
First time softee teaser$12.99
COUPON: Discount applied$12.99$1.951$11.04
Power penis vibrator$13.99
COUPON: Discount applied$13.99$2.101$11.89
Mini bullet$8.99
COUPON: Discount applied$8.99$1.351$7.64
Sparkle vibes$7.99
COUPON: Discount applied$7.99$1.201$6.79
3 essential items set$12.97
CUSTOM SALE: 3 Free Gifts with Any Order$12.97$12.971$0.00
Impulse multifunction hyper bullet$35.99
CUSTOM SALE: Extra 2 Free Gifts with Orders $79+$35.99$35.991$0.00
CUSTOM SALE: Free Vibe with Every Order (Oui)$17.99$17.991$0.00

From Adam & Eve (yes I am fucking sucker and ordered from them yet again)

1Royal Rabbit Vibrator Kit
1Fingo Nubby Finger Vibrator
1Adam & Eve Pure And Clean Foaming Toy Cleaner - 8 Ounces
1Big O Kit - Free Gift
1Mystery Gift - Free Gift

And lastly from Pink Cherry

Micro Bullet Vibe Silicone Sleeve 3 Pack1$5.99
Silicone Finger Teasers in Purple1$5.99
Vibro Flipper Cock Ring in Blue1$5.00
The Ultra Slim Vibrating Bullets Vibe in Blue1$5.00
Mini Pearlessence Vibe in Rose in Rose1$4.13
Orgasmic Teardrop Vibe1$8.93
Micro Orb Cordless Bullet Vibe in Purple1$2.00
Little Pearl Vibe - Pearl Purple in Pearl Purple1$5.99
Jesse's Magnetic Teaser Vibe1$7.73
Micro Vibro Keychain Vibe1$7.79

Now some of the above toys are not for me:

The Big O Kit, Micro Orb and one of the Traditional Vibrators along with a few other things are going to a friend. She has expressed an interest in exploring sex toys so me and another friend are tossing together a gift bag of sorts that will be filled with a variety of different items.

The Keychain Vibe I honestly bought just for the novelty of it.  Lol how could I resist having a vibrator on my keychain.. So this is what, roughly a total of 28+ new toys coming to me.  :)  I is a happy girl!


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